Dog DNA tests are a great way to learn about your pet’s ancestry and genetic health risks. There are a number of at-home kits available to order, and they can be an excellent way to help you and your veterinarian make informed decisions about your pet’s care.

Best Overall Test: Embark’s Breed + Health Kit

Embark is one of the top brands for dog DNA tests, and it offers an affordable and accurate solution for pet owners who want to know more about their dog’s genetic makeup. Embark’s veterinary-grade platform screens for more than 350 dog breeds, 210 genetic health conditions, and 35 physical traits to give you a complete picture of your pooch’s heritage.

The company also lets you download your results to share with your vet and even notifies you when new dogs enter its database that match your pup’s ancestry. Additionally, the Relative Finder feature allows you to connect with other dogs that are similar to yours and swap photos.

Wisdom Panel Premium

The brand’s most in-depth DNA test is the Wisdom Panel Premium, which screens for more than 350 dog breeds, along with 210 genetic health conditions and 35 physical traits to provide a comprehensive overview of your pup’s DNA. The test includes a chromosome map and a consultation with a veterinary geneticist to discuss your dog’s findings.

It also comes with an ideal weight recommendation, which can be especially useful for overweight or obese dog owners. Plus, it screens for MDR1 medication sensitivity so you can make informed decisions about your pup’s medication use and side effects.

Wisdom’s tests are easy to use and come with detailed instructions that explain how to collect a sample from your dog’s cheek. The process is relatively painless and takes only a few minutes to complete, but be sure to take into account the time it will take for the testing company to receive your sample and send you your results.

Best All-around Test: Embark’s Breed +Health Kit

Embark is one of the most popular DNA testing brands for best dog dna test, and it has a number of different kits to fit your needs. This kit is particularly helpful for dog owners who are considering breeding or are worried about their current dogs’ health. It screens for more than 230 health risks, including drug sensitivities and degenerative diseases.

As an added bonus, this test also screens for more than 350 dog breeds to give you a better understanding of your dog’s ancestry and geographic origin. In addition, the Embark test can alert you to any potential health risks your dog might have, including common canine hereditary disease risk factors like hip dysplasia and cataracts.

Another benefit of this test is that it’s a veterinary-grade DNA test, meaning the accuracy and quality are higher than most other tests. In addition, it uses a research-grade genotyping platform that was developed by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

The brand also has an intuitive website and a variety of helpful features to make testing simple and stress-free. Its customer service is responsive and courteous, and it has a large database of satisfied customers who give it consistently positive reviews on Amazon.