If you are interested in pursuing a career in the health care field, a degree in health sciences will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. You will also be able to select a major that meets your specific career goals. This type of degree program offers a wide variety of electives, allowing you to tailor your program to suit your interests.

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BSHS) is a program of study that emphasizes the scientific side of healthcare. Students will receive instruction on topics such as nutrition, pharmacology, and injury and disease prevention. Additionally, they will be able to take classes on research methods and writing professionally. With a BSHS, you can go directly into a professional job in the healthcare field after graduation. In addition, you will have the opportunity to gain experience through a six-month co-operative education experience.

The Department of Health Sciences offers a comprehensive undergraduate program that focuses on professionalism, ethical communication, and critical thinking. Dedicated faculty members teach in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. As a result, the curriculum provides a solid foundation for students to pursue advanced degrees in the health sciences.

Students can opt to specialize in one of three areas. For example, theĀ brescia health sciences School Health option prepares students to become health science teachers in California middle schools. Alternatively, the Pre-Physical Therapy track helps to prepare students for careers in physical therapy. Another option is the Clinical and Applied Sciences track, which includes senior-level courses in guided research and scientific application.

Students are also offered the Preparatory Health Sciences concentration, which is designed to prepare students for professional degrees in the healthcare field. It also focuses on epidemiology, medical terminology, and health care organization. Those who choose this option will also have the chance to study alternative healing modalities and spirituality in health care.

Health care is a rapidly growing industry, with over half of the fastest-growing occupations in the U.S. expected to increase by 18 percent over the next decade. Whether you want to work in a hospital, physician’s office, or any other healthcare setting, a BSHS will provide you with the skills and knowledge you’ll need to succeed.

One of the key features of the BSHS program is the small cohort size. Each student will have an academic advisor who knows how to help them meet their advanced degree requirements. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to work in a co-op, where you’ll learn about the various aspects of the healthcare industry from leaders in the field.

Aside from the academic and career benefits of a BSHS, you’ll be able to work with a Health Science Advisor who can help you make informed decisions. They’ll also facilitate your student-professional relationships, allowing you to network with fellow students and professionals.

You’ll also be able to benefit from pre-health career advisement, which will help you to choose a path that fits your interests and strengths. A number of scholarships are available to qualified applicants. Whether you’re considering becoming a nurse, an occupational therapist, or another health profession, a BSHS will give you the tools you need to succeed.